Welcome to the Live Like Her Challenge!

The team at The Forgotten Women are thrilled you have joined us in our pilot event to raise $100,000 to provide more homes for homeless women over 55 years old.

A full Event Guide containing information on what to expect of your Live Like Her Challenge on Thursday 8th September 2022 will be emailed to all registered attendees prior to the event. This will include information on what you need to do, what you need to bring and more.

Here is a brief outline of the event:


6pm Gates Open – the warehouse carpark at Eagle Farm will be open for you to be able park your car and get yourself ready for the night ahead.

On arrival you will drive up to a check-in desk where you will be directed accordingly and provided with all event information including event map and guide.
7.45pm Get ready to move to the central point for the official proceedings (see your map for details).
8.00pm The official welcome to the event followed by some brief speeches and formalities.
9.00pm End of all formalities & main lights will go out.

We encourage you to make the most of this experience to truly understand what it might be like to Live Like Her. Post reflections and images on social media, make a last call for more donations, then settle in for some sleep.

The Forgotten Women ask that you spare a thought for women over 55 who are living in their cars, every night. With your help, now some will not have to – thank you.

5am You can depart the venue when you require. Please make sure you take all belongings and rubbish with you. Thank you for participating to help her home.


Check your emails prior to the event for details on what to do and what to bring.

Post frequently on your social channels and use the hashtag #LLHC2022. We are keen to spread awareness and you can help us do that.

Consider drafting an SMS to your contacts to make a last-minute appeal to boost your fundraising before the end of the formalities.

Other than that, go about your normal night-time routine and think about how that works in the confined space of your car.